Dog. Cafe. Etiquette!

Dog cafe etiquette and manners

Etiquette (or shall we say doggy manners) is something you must consider when taking your dog to a cafe.

Australia is renowned for it’s hospitality, gourmet food, and dog friendly cafes, and we don’t want to spoil that with our naughty misbehaving dogs, do we?

So, before you book a table or rock up at a dog friendly cafe, let’s consider the required manners your dog will be expected to have, as well as the legislated rules of dog ownership and understanding a cafe’s conditions of entry.

Rules of engagement

Once we crack the underlying elements of good behaviour from building our dog’s trust in our leadership, and remaining consistent with rules and boundaries, we can benefit in many situations.

We should always remember to treat or reward our dog with praise after any successful cafe outing or good behaviour while in a cafe.

Done right, it doesn’t take our dogs long to learn the behaviour we expect from them in a cafe situation.

Consistency is key!

Top tips when taking your dog to a cafe!

The below tips will really help you and your dog get the most from a trip to a dog cafe. When you consider the alternative to be frustration, spilt coffee, and barking, these are tips you want to crack!

  • Always walk your dog before going to a dog-friendly cafe. That way, he will be happy to sit down and rest. 
  • Make sure your dog has had an opportunity to go to the toilet prior to the outing. Oh, and always bring along an emergency poo bag just in case!  
  • Always have your dog properly tethered / secured when you’re at any public place, not just a dog friendly cafe. 
  • Never allow your dog to sit or climb up on furniture. Did you know by law, your dog must remain on the ground at all times. That’s unless the cafe has a designated area for him to sit.
  • Never feed your dog treats at the table. This will encourage him to beg for food at any dining table. If he’s thirsty, the cafe can provide your dog with water.
  • Never tie your dog to the leg of any cafe table.  If he suddenly moves and the table is not secure, everything will go flying!
  • Make sure your dog’s leash is short and secured so that your dog can’t wander and trip anyone – or worse, knock over a boiling pot of tea.
  • Keep control of the leash if another dog or a young child comes close to your dog’s personal space and remain calm and confident. Remember, your dog will sense your energy.       
  • Discourage strangers from patting your dog if he’s showing any signs of anxiety.

Don’t get fined!

Did you know an unrestrained dog who is allowed to roam in public can cost you up to $880 in fines?

Just think how many coffees you could get for that money!

From travelling around most of Australia I found NSW, VIC, and the ACT to be the most strict when it comes to dogs in public. I was reminded of this when my dog jumped out of the car in a quiet rural Victorian town, and a nice lady shouted at me “NO DOG OFF LEAD IN PUBLIC ANYWHERE IN THE STATE OF VICTORIA!”



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Gina & David

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