Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings essential
  2. Puppies welcome from 10 weeks of age and with first vaccination
  3. Up to 8 months can be entire (i.e. not desexed)
  4. Over 8 months – spayed or neutered (desexed). Special dispensation may be made for show and breeding dogs.
  5. All dogs must have a collar and ID tag including dog’s name.
  6. All dogs must arrive and leave on a leash.
  7. Friendly dogs that share – they must not be territorial over food, toys or space and must like other people and dogs.
  8. Healthy dogs – all dogs must be vaccinated, preferably with a C5. Proof of vaccination on registration.
  9. If a dog requires medication for conditions such as epilepsy, joint problems etc. the owner must supply the medication with directions of use.
  10. Sick dogs – dogs cannot attend with anything contagious e.g.: canine cough, conjunctivitis
  11. Clients must advise of any change to their contact details.
  12. Payment by Cash, Mastercard or Visa.
  13. All causal bookings (non-pass) must pay on arrival.
  14. Refunds will not be given under any circumstances.
  15. Dogs will only be handed to the authorized person/s whose name/s appear/s on the registration form. An exception to this rule will only apply if prior notice is given by the owner to DogZone staff stating the name of the person permitted to pick up the owner’s dog. Identification will be required before any dog is handed over to any 3rd party.
  16. Late charges $25 per 10 minutes or part thereof after 6:30pm (please note item 17).
  17. Any dog not collected 20 minutes after closing time will be classified as an abandoned dog and will be handed in to a council pound, boarding kennel or veterinary hospital at the owner’s expense
  18. A late cancellation fee of $ 25.00 applies if DogZone is not advised by 8.00 am on the day of the scheduled booking of inability to attend.

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