Dog Hats!

Your dog ain’t cool without a cap!

And that’s literally the case in the hot Aussie summer months!

In the winter, your little doggo or aging hound may appreciate a nice cosy hat to keep their head warm (and probably a jumper as well).

Face it, dog hats and other canine fashion accessories are all the rage these days. I’m sure you’ve spotted your neighbour’s dog in a funky dog hat. Some crazy folk (and I’m not saying Sydney folk), also kit their Pugs out with Gucci scarfs and bags.

You can even buy fascinator hats for weddings or special occassions:

Fascinator hat for dogs!
Fancy a doggy fascinator hat?

I’m not saying you go that far, but if you’re looking for a nice, practical dog hat, then lets take a look at what’s available:

DoggyTopia Dog Hats

DoggyTopia are the leading online retailer of doggy adornments and other doggy stuff in Australia, and they have a great range of hats to suit any size dog or breed.

Whether you want a floral sun hat, leopard print cap, or knitted beanie for the Melbourne winter, they have lots of options to choose from.

Dog hats in Australia - DoggyTopia.
How cool is that for a dog hat?

Quick tip – The summer months are the perfect time to get a good deal on a winter dog hat, and the winter months for a summer hat. As I write this guide in stinking hot December, some winter beanies are down from $14 to only $3! That’s an 80% saving!

Having tested a range of hats on offer we can confirm they’re good quality, sturdy, and should go a long way to keeping the harsh Aussie sun out of your dogs eyes or provide some much needed head warmth in the winter.

Let’s Pawty Dog Hats

Another leading Aussie retailer ready and willing to kit your dog out with a funky hat is Let’s Pawty.

Dog hats in Australia from Let's Pawty.
Super cool dog hats from Let’s Pawty!

These guys have a range of really mad hats, such as a multi colored full brim doggy hat which will make your pooch look like a rainbow from above, a super cute santa hat, plus a range of more subtle and practical dog hats.

The dog hats from Let’s Pawty are equally as good as those from DoggyTopia. Some are even the same make, so either or. They’re firm, durable, and colourful.

The DoggyTopia and Let’s Pawty ranges of dog hats do differ, so have a browse around and find the hat you’re looking for. DoggyTopia definitely have the larger range of dog hats.

In an Obi-Wan voice, “Are these the hats you’re looking for?”

Amazon Australia Dog Hats


Good old Amazon.

It has to be said the craziest and unique dog hats will be found on Amazon – just check these out!!

A dog hat and neck warmer combined! Toasty!

Multicolored dog hat with propeller
How Aussie is this multicolored dog hat with a propeller? Why can I imagine Tony Abbott’s dog wearing such a dog hat?

I’m saving the best to last with this doggy hat guide. My favourite of all has to be this Pet Pilot Hat made of PU leather and lined with fleece:

Pet Pilot Hat for Dogs - Australia
How cool (or cosy warm) is this Pet Pilot Hat for your dog?

You love that too, don’t you?


You will find all the above on the Amazon AU Dog Hat page.

Need convincing? Here are reasons why dog hats are benefcial!

Dog hats are designed for your dog’s comfort, and are ideal for protecting them from the hot Australian sun.

Not only that, but your dog will get lots of attention, and our dogs LOVE attention!

Did you know many vets actually recommend dog hats to protect your dog’s eyes from UV rays and protect them from skin cancers.

If they aren’t reasons enough to invest in a dog hat, you’ll also have the benefit of keeping your dog cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

They don’t even cost much. Most of the dog hats shown above are between $10 and $20, and almost all are washable, adjustable, and durable.

Whatever dog hat you choose – make sure they fit the specs you want. We highly recommend buying one with an adjustable elastic strap as this ensures a better fit and better comfort. A washable dog hat is an absolute must, especially if your dog surfs.



Has this page helped you and your dog?

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Gina & David

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