Pet Loss Sympathy Cards

Pet Loss Sympathy Cards

Losing a pet is a deeply emotional experience. If you’ve lost a pet yourself you’ll know how hard such a time is, especially as our pets are part of the family.

If someone close to you has lost a pet then a sympathy card or gift can provide comfort and go some way to alleviate the loss of a pet. It’s a time when we need to be reminded the people close to us are there, and that they care.

Writing a pet loss sympathy card is harder than we would expect, so in this guide we’ll cover how to write a card for the loss of a dog, cat, or pet in general, as well as suggestions on appropriate cards and pet loss gifts.

We’ll start with a few places you can buy a pet loss sympathy card in Australia, but if you already have one skip to the sections below on how to write a pet loss sympathy card.

If you are struggling to comment on a pet loss Facebook or social media post, we’ll give you suggestions for that too.

Where to buy a pet loss sympathy card in Australia?

Pet loss sympathy cards are surprisingly hard to buy in Australia at local stores and shopping centres.

Although you may have luck after a long search amongst birthday and celebration cards, an easy option is to buy one on the Internet – delivery is very quick these days.

Here are a few options:

  • Sending Hugs – An Australian website which sells sympathy cards and gifts for all manner of occasions. At the time of writing they only have a couple of sympathy cards available – one for cats, and one for generic pets – but they also have a range of pet loss gifts including memorial stones, ornaments, and candles.
  • Amazon – As Australians we tend to overlook Amazon, but for pet loss sympathy cards they offer a fantastic range – probably the best you will find – and also a wide range of pet loss gifts. You can view the range of sympathy cards here, and I’ll sure you’ll find one to suit your grieving friend or loved one.
  • Etsy – Lastly, but not least, craft website Etsy naturally has all manner of cards and gifts related to pet loss. As Etsy is a collection of independent craftsman and artists making products at home it is well worth reading other customer feedback to make sure you buy a quality sympathy card.

How to write a pet loss sympathy card

When writing a pet loss card we often have an idea of the tone or approach we would like to use. Usually this reflects our own personality, or the personality of the grieving pet owner.

Below are templates you can use for a generic pet, dog, or cat, based on the style and tone you would prefer:

Loss of a generic pet

Empathetic & heartfelt

Dear [Pet Owner’s Name],

I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of your beloved [Pet’s Name]. Words can never fully capture the pain that comes with losing such a cherished friend. The connection between a pet and its owner is profound, unique, and filled with unconditional love. Your grief is understood and shared.

During this difficult time, please know that I’m here for you, offering a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. I hope you find some comfort and peace in the days ahead, surrounded by friends and family who care.

With heartfelt sympathy, [Your Name]

Celebration of life

Dear [Pet Owner’s Name],

The loss of [Pet’s Name] is a heartbreaking event, but as we mourn, let’s also take time to celebrate the incredible life you shared together. [Pet’s Name] wasn’t just a pet; they were family, a constant source of joy, love, and warm companionship.

In the memories you created and the laughter you shared, [Pet’s Name]’s spirit will continue to live on. I hope these cherished memories bring you some solace and help you remember all the beautiful moments you enjoyed together.

With warm thoughts and remembrance, [Your Name]

Loss of a dog

Spiritual & reflective

Dear [Pet Owner’s Name],

I want to extend my deepest condolences for the loss of [Dog’s Name]. The bond you two shared was truly special and went beyond mere companionship. It was a connection of souls, filled with love, trust, and understanding.

Though the pain of loss is real, may you find comfort in the belief that [Dog’s Name]’s spirit remains with you, watching over you with the same love and affection. The memories you shared will always be a testament to the extraordinary relationship you had. May they bring you peace and reflection in this challenging time.

With heartfelt reflections, [Your Name]

Simple & direct

Dear [Pet Owner’s Name],

I was saddened to hear about the passing of [Dog’s Name]. Losing such a loyal and loving friend is never easy, and I want to extend my sincere condolences to you and your family. [Dog’s Name] was more than just a pet; they were a true member of your family, providing joy, comfort, and unwavering companionship.

If there’s anything you need or if you just need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Friends and family are here for you, and we’ll help you through this difficult time.

With sympathy, [Your Name]

Loss of a cat

Humorous & uplifting

Dear [Pet Owner’s Name],

Losing [Cat’s Name] is certainly a tough moment, but remember all those quirky and delightful traits that made them so uniquely special. From their sassy tail flicks to their regal lounging, [Cat’s Name] brought a unique charm to your life that will never be forgotten.

In time, may those funny and fond memories overshadow the sadness of loss. [Cat’s Name]’s spirit will always live on, purring in your heart, reminding you of the joy, laughter, and comfort they brought into your life.

With a smile in remembrance, [Your Name]

Empathetic, heartfelt, celebration of life

Dear [Pet Owner’s Name],

I heard about [Cat’s Name]’s passing, and my heart goes out to you. Losing such a cherished companion is deeply painful, and I want you to know that I’m here for you, sharing your sorrow, and understanding the emptiness that comes with saying goodbye.

However, let’s also remember the beautiful life [Cat’s Name] had, full of love, playfulness, and those precious moments that only a cat can bring. Celebrate the bond you shared and the memories that will forever be a part of you. [Cat’s Name] was not just a pet but a beloved family member, and their legacy will always live on in your heart.

With heartfelt sympathy and warm remembrance, [Your Name]

Shorter pet loss messages for social media (Facebook, Instagram, SMS)

When a friend posts on social media about the loss of a pet we often wish to write a heartfelt comment, but find it hard to find the right words.

Below are a few suggestions for acknowledging pet loss on social media. Always keep in mind the loss of a pet is a deeply emotional time, and for many as hard as losing a family member or loved one.

These messages or quotes may suit a pet loss sympathy card as well.

Loss of a dog

“Your loyal companion brought so much joy into our lives. May fond memories of long walks and wagging tails comfort you during this difficult time.”

“Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts. Your furry friend’s spirit will forever live on in the countless moments of love and companionship shared.”

Loss of a cat

“In the quiet moments, may you feel the soft purr of your beloved cat echoing in your heart. Their independent spirit made them a true and cherished friend.”

“Cats have a way of making a house feel like a home. Wishing you solace as you navigate this loss and treasure the memories of playful antics and comforting purrs.”

Loss of small pets (rodent, birds, reptiles)

“Although small in size, the impact of your little friend was immense. May you find comfort in the joy and unique personality they brought into your life.”

“Even the tiniest creatures can leave the biggest paw prints on our hearts. Your pet may be small, but the love shared was boundless.”

Loss of a horse (or larger animal)

“The strength and grace of your majestic friend touched everyone lucky enough to know them. Wishing you peace and strength as you navigate this significant loss.”

“Horses have a way of forging deep connections with their owners. May the memories of shared rides and the gentle nuzzles bring you comfort during this challenging time.”

Loss of exotic pets

“The unique and vibrant personality of your exotic pet made them truly one of a kind. May the memories of their distinctive presence bring you comfort as you grieve.”

“Exotic pets add a touch of magic to our lives. Sending heartfelt condolences for the loss of your extraordinary companion.”

Quick pointers: Ways to express sympathy and encouragement when someone loses a pet

If the templates above are not to your liking, or you wish to say or write something more personal, then the following pointers may help address the loss of a pet

Expressing Sympathy

  • Choose words which convey genuine sorrow and empathy.
  • Acknowledge the unique bond shared with the pet.
  • Keep the message simple, heartfelt, and sincere.

Understanding the Grieving Process

  • Recognise that grieving for a pet is a valid and personal experience.
  • Be patient, as the grieving process may vary in duration.
  • Offer support without rushing the healing journey.

Encouraging Fond Memories

  • Share anecdotes and memories of the pet.
  • Suggest creating a scrapbook or memorial to honor the pet’s life.
  • Emphasise the therapeutic value of reminiscing.

Addressing Children and Pet Loss

  • Be honest and age-appropriate when explaining pet loss to children.
  • Encourage creative outlets like drawing or writing to express feelings.
  • Reassure them that it’s okay to grieve and share their emotions.

Offering Practical Support

  • Extend a helping hand with daily tasks, acknowledging the emotional strain.
  • Offer to assist with arrangements for memorial services or pet-related matters.
  • Show availability for both practical and emotional support.

Choosing Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts

  • Consider sending a sympathy card with a personalised touch.
  • Gift items like memorial candles, customised paw prints, or framed photos.
  • Offer items that provide comfort during the grieving process.

Being Present

  • Offer a listening ear without judgment.
  • Avoid minimising the loss or offering clichés.
  • Validate feelings and provide a supportive presence.

Recognising the Impact on Daily Life

  • Understand that the loss may affect routines and daily activities.
  • Offer flexibility and understanding in work or social commitments.
  • Respect the need for solitude during the grieving period.

Suggesting Support Groups or Counseling

  • Recommend local or online pet loss support groups.
  • Suggest professional counseling for those struggling with the loss.
  • Provide resources for grief-specific hotlines or services.

Honouring the Pet’s Legacy

  • Encourage creating a memorial in the pet’s honour.
  • Planting a tree, donating to an animal charity, or supporting a cause.
  • Help celebrate the positive impact the pet had on others.



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