How to Choose the Right Dog Harness

How to choose the right Dog Harness!

Is your dog a pain on the leash?

Don’t worry, the small investment of a proper dog harness will have your dog walking obediently beside you in no time!

In this guide to dog harnesses in Australia, we’ll take a look at the best and most effective brands, and answer all your questions in one long leash of a post!

Quick recommendations for the best dog harnesses (in Australia)

The EzyDog dog harness is by far the most popular in Australia, and you’ve probably seen other dogs around with an Ezydog collar or harness.

Rogz are another popular brand, with some really cool collar designs. They’re my collar of choice on styling alone, but they’re also very good quality and durable. So if Ezydog isn’t for you then Rogz will be.

Both brands make dog harnesses for all sizes of dog including puppies, and both offer a no pull harness which is what you want to get if your dog’s failing with on-leash training.

Let’s take a look at both brands and see how they compare:

Rogz Dog Harnesses

The Rogz brand is readily available, and you’ll find their dog harnesses in Petstock, Petbarn, My Pet Warehouse, and of course our favourite retailer :Pet Circle:.

EzyDog Dog Harnesses

Ezydog are also found at Petstock and Petbarn, and although Pet Circle don’t currently stock the brand, other online retailers like My Pet Warehouse do.

The best dog harnesses from Ezydog are the chest plate harness or the quick fit dog harness.

  1. What is a dog harness?
  2. Why should I use a dog harness instead of a collar?
  3. What are the different types of dog harnesses available?
  4. How do I measure my dog for a harness?
  5. Which size of dog harness should I get for my specific breed or size of dog?
  6. Are there specific harnesses designed for puppies or small dogs?
  7. Can I use a dog harness for leash training my dog?
  8. How do I put a harness on my dog properly?
  9. What materials are dog harnesses typically made of?
  10. Are there harnesses designed for specific activities like hiking, running, or car travel?
  11. Do harnesses come in different styles or colors?
  12. What features should I look for in a high-quality dog harness?
  13. How do I clean and maintain a dog harness?
  14. Are there harnesses designed for dogs with special needs or medical conditions?
  15. Can a dog escape from a harness?
  16. Are there no-pull harnesses to help control dogs that pull on the leash?
  17. What are the pros and cons of front-clip vs. back-clip harnesses?
  18. Can I use a harness on a brachycephalic breed, like a pug or bulldog?
  19. Do harnesses work for aggressive dogs or dogs with behavior issues?
  20. Where can I buy a dog harness, and what is the typical price range?
  21. Are there any safety concerns when using a dog harness?
  22. Can I customize or personalize a dog harness with my dog’s name or other details?
  23. What are some alternative solutions to dog harnesses?
  24. Can I use a dog harness on a cat or other small pets?
  25. How do I teach my dog to get used to wearing a harness?



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