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  • Pet Loss Sympathy Cards

    Pet Loss Sympathy Cards

    Losing a pet is a deeply emotional experience. If you’ve lost a pet yourself you’ll know how hard such a time is, especially as our pets are part of the family. If someone close to you has lost a pet then a sympathy card or gift can provide comfort and go some way to alleviate…

  • Dog. Cafe. Etiquette!

    Dog. Cafe. Etiquette!

    Taking your dog to a cafe? How can you avoid embarrassing situations? Here are simple tips to ensure your dog displays good manners in a dog friendly cafe!

  • Dog Hats!

    If you want your pooch to be super stylish, or merely want the protection from UV rays and skin cancers, here are some of the best dog hats in Australia!

  • Coping With Puppy Mouthing & Biting

    Puppies learn from Mum and siblings how to take care with their mouth when interacting with others. This is called bite inhibition. Experts in puppy training use the following methods to help your puppy learn to be gentle: Management and Prevention The more excited and aroused a puppy is, the more they are going to…

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