The Sheer Craziness of Rubber Chicken Toys for Dogs!

rubber chicken toy for dogs

Dude, let me tell you, rubber chicken toys are like, the raddest thing ever for dogs, man!

Dogs go bananas for ’em, like, they can chew on ’em, fetch ’em, and just go to town, ya know?

And the best part is, they make this hilarious squeaky sound, like, “squeak, squeak,” and it cracks me up every time, man. It’s like a never-ending game of catch and squeak, dude!


As cool as rubber chicken toys are for dogs, being a gimmicky toy you absolutely must buy a decent quality one, designed to be durable. I bet you know already your dog can devour a plastic toy in no time at all.

Let’s take a look at the ultimate funny toy for dogs – the rubber chicken!

Where on Earth did the Rubber Chicken Toy come from?

I know your dog doesn’t care about history, and you probably don’t care too much either, but ever wonder what crazy fool invented the rubber chicken?

The legendary rubber chicken originated as a prop in comedy routines many many decades ago (some say around the 1930s). It was used to mimic the hilarious sound of a chicken for comedic effect.

“Kazoo” Rubber Chicken Dog Toy

Somewhere along the line, with absolutely zero historical records to prove who, someone had the idea to create a rubber version for dogs to play with. What a genius that person was, and I hope they made it rich!

Where to Buy a Rubber Chicken Toy for Your Dog

You’ll find most pet stores in Australia cashing in on the rubber chicken for dogs thing, but always question whether the toy is safe for a dog. Believe it or not there aren’t any regulations to ensure a pet toy is safe for a dog!

Sadly many plastic toys pose a choke hazard, even better quality toys. It’s the reason I recommend very durable toys like Kong, but even those can get torn up by some dogs within a matter of minutes.

Let’s take a look at some of the more durable rubber chicken toys:

Top Chick: The Kazoo Rubber Chicken for Dogs (at Bunnings & Pet Circle)

Kazoo Rubber Chicken for Dogs

The “Kazoo” brand of Rubber Chicken for dogs is really good, made with really strong tear-resistant latex. It’s proper natural latex rubber like the suit I used to own during that confused period after graduation uni and getting a real job.

Testament to the quality of the Kazoo rubber chicken, it’s available in lots of places – I’ve even seen them in Bunnings. They’re also the Rubber Chicken of Choice at Pet Circle (where I buy my pet food).

Alternative Chick: All Day Rubber Chicken for Dogs (at Petbarn)

Loads of Aussie’s shop at Petbarn, simply because they’re the most dominant pet retail company (not to mention Greencross).

The Petbarn Rubber Chicken is the “All Day” brand. It’s latex just like the Kazoo, but feels a little softer. Over the two I’d choose the Kazoo, but the All Day Chicken is still lots of fun for you and your dog.

So if you’re in Petbarn stocking up on dog food, then pick one of these up too!

Bonus Chick: Chiwava Squeaky Latex Dog Toys (on Amazon)

Chiwava Squeaky Latex Dog Toys

These have to be mentioned because they’re absolutely hilarious! The Chiwava set of squeaky dog toys, made of latex, not only comes with a Rubber Chicken, but a Rubber Pig and Rubber Frog as well!

They’re available on Amazon Australia, with over 6000 positive reviews.

Being Chiwava set of squeaky toys is only recommended for small or medium dogs, so not suitable if you have a big friendly giant.

What about the Rubber Chickens in Woolworths, KMart, BigW, and all those Other Stores?

There’s so many rubber chickens in Australia they might one day become sentient and take over the world. Whatever store you go to, if they sell stuff for dogs they’ll likely have a rubber chicken.

Personally I find these cheaper substitutes get devoured easily. I was given one as a gift once (can’t remember from which store), and it even surprised me how quickly my Border Collie destroyed it.

Less than 30 seconds.

The Problem With Cheap Dog Toys

I should laugh, but you should definitely be careful with cheaper plastic or rubber toys of any kind. Your vet will tell you why.

Choose one of the recommended Rubber Chicken Dog Toys above!

And if you do, let us know which one in the comments down below!


Gina & Maisy.



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