Raw dog food calculator: How much should you feed your dog?

Raw Dog Food Calculator

An adult dog should be fed 2% to 3% of their weight per day in raw dog food, but this will vary based on their current weight.

A puppy will have a bigger appetite, and it is essential to feed enough raw dog food to meet their nutritional needs during this vital life stage. From 4 to 7 weeks you should feed your puppy as much as they wish to eat, and in the consecutive weeks begin reducing the amount based on the raw dog food calculator below.

The calculator will take into account life stage of dog (puppy or adult), age in weeks for a puppy, or your dietary goal for an adult dog (lose, gain, or maintain weight).

Raw dog food calculator

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How to use the raw dog food calculator

The raw dog food calculator is a tool designed to help you determine the recommended portion of raw food for your dog based on their age and weight. Please keep in mind all dogs are different – metabolism, breed, and activity levels play a part.

Always monitor your dog’s weight over time to ensure they are healthy weight, and adjust the amount of raw food accordingly.

The calculator takes into account whether your dog is an adult or puppy, as their nutritional needs differ during different stages of life. For puppies the minimum age calculated is 4 weeks, and from 4 to 7 weeks you should feed your puppy to appetite.

For adult dogs, the calculator considers the dietary goal you select: lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight. Based on your dog’s weight, it calculates the recommended portion of raw food as a percentage.

For example, if your dog needs to maintain weight, the raw dog food calculator suggests feeding approximately 2.5% of body weight in grams per day. In reality, a variance of between 2% and 3% is totally acceptable, so there’s no need to be exact.

For puppies, the raw dog calculator factors in the age in weeks to determine the appropriate portion of raw food. It follows a specific feeding guideline which adjusts as your puppy grows.

If you are feeding your puppy raw dog food, make sure you bookmark this calculator to ensure you are feeding the correct amount throughout the growth phase.

For puppies aged 7-10 weeks, the calculator recommends feeding 8-10% of their ideal body weight in grams per day. This will reduce over consecutive weeks until they can be fed adult rations.

By entering your dog’s details into the calculator, you can quickly and easily determine the appropriate portion of raw food to feed your puppy or adult dog, ensuring they receive the right nutrition for their specific life stage.

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