From Kibble to Treats: The Best Dog Food Storage Ideas

Dog Food Storage Ideas Australia

Proper dog food storage is crucial for maintaining the quality and freshness of your furry friend’s food. But as you’ll find out, it’s not as simple as a Tupperware container – there are some vital health-related gotchas which you need to know about.

Storing dog food improperly can lead to contamination and spoilage, which can cause digestive issues and other health problems for your dog.

Fortunately, there are many dog food storage solutions available in Australia to help you keep your dog’s food fresh and safe. You just need to pick the right one.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best dog food storage ideas. To make your decision easy, we’ve tried and tested a range of storage solutions from the top Aussie retailers, including Target and Kmart. Which are any good?

How to Store Dog Food

Skip to the “next “Best Dog Food Storage Solutions” section if you’re simply looking for good recommendations. Here we’ll look at some of the considerations which may matter to you and your dog.

Storing Large Amounts of Dog Food

If you have a large breed, multiple dogs, or are hoping to buy larger bags to save on cost per kilo, then you’ll need to store large amounts of dog food. This can be a challenge!

One option is to buy a large dog food storage container which can hold several kilos, but this will need an airtight seal to help keep the food fresh and free from moisture.

Moisture is the biggest enemy to dry dog food as this can lead to harmful mould if it takes you a number of weeks to get through a bag. Without a proper storage container a dry food should be fed within 3 weeks of opening the bag, less if possible.

Bag vs. Container

For most of us there are two main options for storing dog food – keeping it in the bag or transferring it to a container. There are benefits to both methods, and also cons.

Keeping the food in the bag is convenient and can help you keep track of the expiration date. Transferring the food to a container can help keep it fresher for longer, with less risk to your dog over the coming weeks. Depending on where you live, a good container can also keep pests out.

Whether you keep your dog food in the bag or container, it’s well worth writing the date of opening on a sticky label so you can keep track of how long the kibble has been exposed to the elements.

Best Materials for Storing Dry Dog Food

The best materials for storing dry dog food are those which are airtight and moisture-resistant. Cheaper dog food storage containers may not be airtight, and any moisture can quickly spoil the dog food. Most of the time we won’t notice, which can be harmful to your dog.

Look for containers made from hard plastic or glass. Avoid storing dog food in paper bags or cardboard boxes as these can absorb moisture and allow pests to get in. Metal tins aren’t ideal, but do keep pests out. If you live in a humid area you will likely benefit from a decent container rather than keeping the food in the bag.

How You Shouldn’t Store Dog Food

Storing Dog Food in Plastic Containers

Although it may seem like a convenient option, storing dog food in thin plastic containers is not recommended. Many retailers sell all-purpose plastic containers, and even those sold as “dog food storage” might not use a decent quality hard plastic. Avoid!

Plastic containers can absorb odours and flavours, and this can affect the taste and quality of the food.

Cheaper plastic containers likely aren’t airtight, which can cause a dog food to spoil quickly if moisture can get in. Having worked in the pet food industry myself, even the smallest hole in a dog food bag can cause the food to spoil – even before it’s been bought.

Storing Dog Food in Ziploc Bags

While Ziploc bags can be useful for storing small amounts of dog food, they are not the best option for long-term storage. Ziploc bags are not airtight, which can lead to moisture getting in, and sometimes hungry pests.

Ziploc bags are better for storing treats on a short-term basis, but only for a few hours (enough for a day trip).

Dogs Having Food Available at All Times

It may seem convenient to fill a bowl full of dog food so your picky eater can come and go through the day, but this is a bad idea.

Not only can this lead to your dog becoming overweight and potentially developing digestive issues, it also encourages pests. Flies included.

How to Choose the Best Dog Food Storage Solution

Let’s get started in finding the right dog food storage solution for you and your dog!

Firstly, consider factors such as the size of your dog and the amount of food you need to store. Big dog = bigger container (and of course a few more $).

Only choose a container which is airtight and made from food-grade materials to keep your dog’s food fresh and safe to eat as long as possible.

Keep in mind proper dog food storage is crucial for maintaining your dog’s health and wellbeing, which is why you shouldn’t skimp on a cheap container.

By using the right storage solutions, you can keep your dog’s food fresh, free from contaminants, and easily accessible, for weeks.

If you’re currently using an inadequate storage solution or are struggling to find the right storage solution for your dog’s food, I encourage you to upgrade to a more effective and efficient storage system.

In the next section we’ll look at some of the dog food storage solutions in Australia from retailers such as Pet Circle, Kmart, and Bunnings to see if they’re worth buying.

With the right storage solution you can ensure your dog’s food stays fresh and remains as safe as possible for your dog.

The Best Dog Food Storage Solutions (in Australia)?

If you’re in Australia and looking for dog food storage solutions, there are several retailers who offer a range of products to meet your needs.

We assessed dog food storage solutions at the most common Australian retailers who sell pet products:

Pet Circle

Pet Circle has become my store of choice over many years of dog ownership. I find they offer the best prices on dog food, and their dog food storage options are high quality:

Pidan Pet Food Storage Container (12L)

I’ve found Pidan to be a very good choice, although it’s the most expensive option at Pet Circle. You may also need to buy two of them, but this has worked very well for me as it means only one container gets exposed to the elements while feeding, and the other remains sealed.

Pidan Dog Food Storage Container

Feedback from people who’ve bought the Pidan is good (mostly 5 star), and I recommend it too!

  • Size: Available in one size 12L (holds about 5kg of dog food).
  • Material: Made of high-quality, food-grade PP plastic
  • Airtight: Yes, has a silicone sealing ring on the lid which seals tightly to keep food fresh and prevent moisture and pests.


  • Elegant and minimalist design – great for the fashion concious, and goes well with stylish home decor!
  • Clear container makes it easy to see how much food is left.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Canine Care Dog Food Storage Container

This is the cheaper option from Pet Circle, but the benefit is you can buy a larger container. This can store a whopping 20kg of dog food.

The quality of the Canine Care containers isn’t as good as the Pidan when you compare them side by side, but they are still good quality and a decent cheaper option.

Canine Care Dog Food Storage Container
  • Size: Available in two sizes: 15kg and 20kg of storage.
  • Material: Made of high-quality, food-grade PP plastic
  • Airtight: Yes, has a silicone seal on the lid that keeps food fresh and prevents pests and moisture.


  • Durable construction which should withstand outdoor as well as indoor use (depending on climate)
  • Large capacity which can hold up to 20kg of dog food, making it ideal for households with multiple pets or large breed dogs. The largest bag of dog food in Australia is 20kg, which makes this an ideal capacity.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

M Pets Stoko Dog Food Container

I will mention the M Pets container briefly as it will only suit those with a smaller or toy breed – it only holds 6kg of dog food.

M PETS Stoko Dog Food Storage Container

The benefit is the M Pets Stoko container is the most stylish of all. It wouldn’t look out of place on your kitchen bench next to your Smeg appliances. The pop top lid is also really convenient.


Kmart Australia offer two solutions for dog food storage – their “Pet Food Storage Container” and “Pet Food Tins”:

Kmart Pet Food Storage Container (30L)

What you may find attractive about the Kmart Pet Food Storage Container is the price tag. It’s around half the price of the Canine Care container at Pet Circle, and the 30L size will store a good amount of dog food.

Having purchased the container to compare to my Pidan containers it is clear the quality is not as good. It has a thermoplastic rubber seal so should be somewhat airtight, but I wouldn’t trust it over the Pidan.

Kmart Dog Food Storage Container

There are many reasons why you would shop at Kmart – I find them excellent for clothing my 2 year old for example, but when it comes to a suitable container to keep my dog food from spoiling, and my dog healthy, I would advise against this option.

  • Size: Available in a large size 30L.
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Airtight: Yes, but it is questionable how effective it is.

Kmart Pet Food Storage Tins (19L)

If you have your heart set on buying your dog food storage in Kmart, then opt for the plastic storage container above.

The reviews for the Pet Food Storage Tins are positive, but on further inspection are because they look better than a plastic tub. I admit they look nice with the colour scheme and “PET food” logo, but we’re talking about keeping your pet food safe for your dog.

KMart Dog Food Storage Tin Bin

These may be a good option if you plan to keep the dog food in the bag, assuming the bag you buy fits in the tin.

  • Size: Available in two sizes: 5.5L and 19L of storage.
  • Material: Iron with epoxy printing
  • Airtight: Yes, but it is questionable how effective it is.


Yes, you read that right. As of 2023 the big boys in DIY now stock a range of pet products, including the Bunnings dog food storage container – the “Paws & Claws”.

Paws & Claws Dog Food Storage Container (45L)

The biggest benefit is the size, being a whopping 45L. That makes it bigger than most other brands, and it’s an affordable option.

Dog Food Storage Container Bunnings

However, on closer inspection the plastic is thin. I held it up to the light and you can see the light through it. The seal and clip aren’t as good as other storage solutions.

This may be an option if you plan to keep your dog food in the bag but keep it in a container to keep pests away, but I wouldn’t expect the benefits of being airtight or keeping the food fresh for long.

  • Size: Available in a large sizes: 45L of storage.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Airtight: Yes, but it is questionable how effective it is.

Target Australia

I was surprised to learn many people opt for dog food storage solutions at Target. I did a lot of digging at the reason for this seems to be positive reviews about the airtight dog food containers sold at Target in America.

These are not available in Australia, but they offer a range of BPA free airtight containers in the Modular Kitchen Storage Range.

The benefit of these containers is they’re cheap, but for storing dog food they are not ideal for long term use. The largest size is 2l and will likely store 500g of dog food.

Common Questions About Dog Food Storage

Hopefully by now we’ve answered all your questions about dog food storage solutions in Australia, but here are some of the most common questions related to dog food storage:

Should dogs have food available at all times?

It’s not recommended to leave food out for your dog at all times. This can lead to overeating and obesity. Instead, it’s best to establish a regular feeding schedule for your dog and stick to it.

How do you store dry dog food in Australia?

Dry dog food should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. Airtight containers are ideal for keeping the food fresh and free from moisture.

How long does dog kibble last once opened?

Once a bag of dog kibble is opened, it should be consumed within four to six weeks. Ideally you want to keep this to three weeks or less, which may mean buying smaller bags.

Does dry dog food go stale if left open?

Yes, dry dog food can go stale if left open. It is also susceptible to spoiling, especially if moisture enters the bag or container or you live in a humid environment.

Where do you put dog food in the house and where should you put dog bowls?

To ensure your dog food stays fresh and safe it should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. Dog bowls should be placed in a clean, designated area, away from other food preparation areas in the house.

Can you store dog food in Tupperware?

High quality Tupperware can be a good option for storing dog food, as long as it’s airtight and made from food-grade materials. However, many cheap Tupperware containers may not be airtight and this may lead to dog food unnoticeably spoiling and causing health problems. It is better to invest in a decent made-for-purpose high quality dog food container if you plan to store food for a long period of time (1 or more weeks).

Make sure to clean Tupperware containers thoroughly before and after each use to prevent contamination, and ensure they are fully dry before storing pet food.

Featured image sourced from unsplash.



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