DogZone Day Care

Fully heated and air conditioned for your dog’s comfort.

DogZone is purposely designed to accommodate small numbers of dogs.

By restricting the amount of dogs we allow means that all dogs are managed effectively and safely. Our qualified and experienced staff of carers is able to provide more personalised attention to DogZone dogs which ensures peace-of-mind for dog owners.

All DogZone dogs are given a maintenance brush before going home to help maintain their coat’s condition minimising the amount of hair loss at home. 
After your long day at work, all you’ll need to do is take your dog home, feed and love it. Exercise, play, daytime companionship and brushing will have already taken place.

DogZone’s Play Areas

DogZone has 3 huge play areas where dogs can run and play to their heart’s content. We ensure that dogs of similar temperament are placed together to make it an enjoyable experience for all pooches great and small.

DogZone’s Puppy Play Area

DogZone has an exclusive supervised baby puppy area for pups between 8 – 16 weeks of age. This way your precious baby can play safely with kinder friends of the same age.

DogZone’s Rest Areas

DogZone staff will rotate dogs from the main play areas to the rest areas throughout the day. This ensures your dog can take a break and refuel for more play.

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