Why is Hill’s Science Diet called “Science Plan” in the UK?

The short answer is Hill’s aren’t allowed to call it a “Diet” in the UK primarily due to regulatory requirements.

In the United Kingdom, pet food labeling regulations are quite strict and often differ from those in other countries.

The term “diet” in “Science Diet” might imply a therapeutic or prescription food, which requires specific regulatory approvals and may be subject to additional restrictions.

To comply with the UK regulations and avoid any potential confusion, Hill’s Pet Nutrition decided to use the name “Science Plan” instead.

That may leave you wondering how a dog food brand can’t be labelled “diet” in another country, yet it can in Australia. Does that suggest to you Australia needs stricter requirements for labelling and marketing of pet foods?

It’s important to note while the name differs, the formulation and product offerings between “Hill’s Science Diet” and “Hill’s Science Plan” are generally similar or identical.



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