Fetch More Likes: 8 Tips for Making Your Dog an Instagram Celebrity!

how to create a dog instagram account - tips

You do not need to convince me your furry BFF is the best dog ever. I believe you!

Trouble is, millions of other dog lovers will argue their dog is best of the best.

When I created an Instagram for my incredibly beautiful dog I was amazed how few likes I got. Even though I religiously posted all manner of exciting pictures this no-like trend continued for many months.

I was doing it all wrong!

The problem is there are so many equally cute dogs out there. Literally, every man (and woman) and their dog has an Instagram account these days. It’s time to face facts that your pooch Insta will be going to war with every other cute companion account out there.

Thankfully, through a lot of trial and error on my part I have a few insider tips for you, and these will enhance your potential for growth on the world’s favourite social media channel.

Get out your camera, get your dog ready, and keep reading. My top ten tips for making your dog an Instagram hit.

1. Let your dog be themselves.

If your dog has unique personality traits, which of course they do, then do not be afraid to show these off.

Quirky or unusual behaviors or appearances will allow for your dog to stand-out from the crowd of other Instagram wannabees. Individuality will draw attention and enable the best possibility for social media success.

One of the greatest ways to get ahead of the rest is to be individual. There are millions of people who take boring photos of their dog, such as walking away at the park or lying on the couch. For your dog you need to embrace their personality, and let it guide you towards a unique and interesting feel for your Instagram account.

People don’t like to follow dog breeds, they like to follow dog characters!

2. Make sure your dog’s outfits are always on point

Instagram is a realm of fashion. If you haven’t realised that already, think about it!

This is the case for both humans and animals.

All of the most famous dogs and cats on Instagram have their own fashion style. Social media dogs are often seen wearing dog coats, jackets, or bedazzled collars. Cats, on the other hand, are often spotted in bling collars and cat sweaters.

You don’t need to buy expensive Gucci outfits for your dog. No siree. You just need to use your smarts, and the personality of your dog, to guide you towards their style. Got some funky shades of a MAGA cap lying around – boom!

3. Keep your dog well groomed

Regularly grooming your dog will ensure they are always prepared for an of-the-cuff photo shoot. The last thing you want is your dog looking scraggily or covered in mud when a cool photo opportunity arises.

Some breeds of dog, like poodles and toy breeds, get more likes with a trendy hairstyle. The reason for this is other owners of the same breed are looking for inspiration from Instagram, and if your dog has an interesting look they’re bound to follow you.

4. Follow other doggy Instagram accounts

Most Instagram pros will follow similar accounts in the hope of getting a follow back, but the truth is you will likely follow way more accounts than follows you get in return. That is, unless, you interact and write comments on the photos they share.

But there’s another reason for following other dog accounts, and that’s because they’re your best learning tool.

Snooping on and engaging with other Instagram dog accounts means you can see the types of content which is getting a good reach, lots of likes, and lots of comments.

You should not necessarily copy this, because originality is important, but if you see such an account, or a prominent post, then ask yourself the reason why. What is that person doing to get such a reaction?

After all, I bet your dog is cuter, so if they can do it – you probably can too.

5. Ensure your dog has the latest doggy fashion accessories

Cute dog accessories are the key to digital fame. Although your puppy or kitty may already be adorable ‘as is’, accessories are a certain way to give them an additional teaspoon of cuteness. Believe it or not, purchasing charming accessories for your dog does not need to be an expensive endeavor. There are many cheap dog accessories available on Australian online pet stores. There are even various cat accessories for the savvy kitten owner.

The reason you can play this to your advantage is you can tag the brand, and even the retailer, and if they think your photo is good enough they will share it to their thousands of followers.

This is exactly the exposure you need, and should get you a few more followers.

If you keep up this method of promoting quirky doggy fashion accessories then you’re onto a winner. Once you have a decent amount of followers this will very likely offer you an income stream.

If you are super dooper lucky, you might even become a pet brand sponsor one day. I’ve known some dog accounts paid five figures for a set of photos, but you must have excellent reach if you want this to be you!

6. Use video as well as photo content

When shooting and uploading videos, as opposed to standard photographs, you can showcase your fluffy pal playing with a pet toy or snuggling up to their dog bed.

Gone is the Instagram of the past, these days it’s hard to get anywhere without video, or reels. Thankfully it’s so easy to take a video of your dog – thanks to smart phones – which leaves the hardest part as capturing your dog doing interesting stuff!

But, that’s the fun of the fair! What doggy adventures can you capture for Instagram?

7. Make your dog’s lifestyle appear extra luxurious

The public loves to ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ over fancy lifestyles of the rich and famous, be it the Kardashians or The Real Housewives of Every City in America and Anywhere Else. This reaction can be tenfold for celebrity dogs.

Even if your lifestyle is far from that of glam Hollywood stars, on camera you can easily give the impression your dog does. If you do this right, you’re onto a winner!

How can you make your dog look fabulous?

Well chosen accessories are a good start, but a true fabulous look means the surrounds need to look A+. Typical items which can amplify your dog’s lifestyle include fluffy pet pillows and a few well-chosen props. You can even make your pooch a glamorous nook in your house.

One of the masters of promoting a glamourous pet lifestyle is actor Kate Beckinsale. If you follow her account, you’ll see exactly what I mean. You’ll also notice almost all of her cat posts are within her home.

8. Upload content of your dog as frequently as possible

Content is king. The more, the better. If you post daily using the same hashtags, other Instagram users will start to recognise how cute your dog is. This is marketing 101 – a brand will often use repetitive advertising to make sure you know about their brand, even if, like me, you try to ignore ads.

We live in a world of instant gratification, which means people forget quickly. If you don’t post consistently your audience will quickly forget all about you and your dog and move on to something else which interests them.

Keep in mind your audience will desire regular and ongoing content to really appreciate your precious pooch.

If you are struggling for photo or caption ideas, invest in some props or use some from around your home. Tired of being home? What interesting place can you take your dog today for a quick Instagram photo?


C’mon, I’m sure you can do better than that!

Final thoughts on creating a successful Dog Instagram Account

Popular Instagrammers will know that there are many tricks to the trade. The more you post, and the more you explore, the more tricks you will learn yourself – it’s the fun of Instagram.

Perhaps you have some great tips to share yourself? Please share!

Is your dog Instagram famous? If not, then hopefully the above advice should be enough to kick off your Doggy ‘Gram and start sending you in the direction of success!


Gina & Maisy




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