DogZone Prices

On this page you will find our prices to book your dog (or dogs!) in at DogZone for day care, grooming or both. If you are planning on having your pooch come in on a regular basis, you will benefit most from the 10 Days20 Days and  Monthly Pass!

The DogZone Monthly Pass is ideal for dogs that need to come in every day, five days a week, for short or long term periods.

All dogs are given a maintenance brush before going home to help maintain their coat’s condition. This consequently minimises the amount of hair loss at home. As a result all you’ll need to do is take your dog home, feed and love it.

Day Care Prices

Type1 Dog2 Dogs
Casual Day$60$100
Casual Half Day$55$90
10 Days *$500$850
20 Days *$900$1,500
MonthlyMonthly (Saturday)$800$950$1,400$1600

Casual Half Day includes up to 5 hours. Late charges $25 per 10 mins or part thereof after 6.30pm. Saturday operating hour is 9am to 5pm.

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Grooming Prices

Coat TypeWashWash & TidyFull-Grooming
prices starting fromShort$30+$50+$60+
Service includeHydrobath with massage, Brush, Turbo dry, Nail trim, Ear&eyes clean, Doggy Cologne Wash plus Tidy up face, feet, hygiene areaBreed style grooming, scissor finish
Extra charges: Double coat, Knots, Fleas control, and etc
Note:*Groom only, no day care-this is where the dog comes in for 2hrs unless you are otherwise advised. If you wish your dog to stay for the day and play, full day care with groom is an extra $30, day care terms and conditions apply.
*Day Care Groom, clients on a 10, 20 day pass or monthly pass will receive a 20% discount on grooming prices.

*Please contact the store for more details regarding grooming
Send us a grooming request!

Australia’s 1st

DogZone day care centre is an open plan, interactive PLAY environment especially for dogs. With qualified staff, climate controlled indoor play and rest areas your dog will have FUN all day.

In addition to that, we also stock premium dog food, dog accessories and toys and can provide in-house training & parties.

  • Bookings Essential.
  • All casual-bookings (non-pass) must pay on arrival.
  • Payment due same day each month and any unused sessions are forfeited.
  • Late Charges of $ 25.00 per 10 minutes or part thereof apply to all day-care clients after 6.30pm. (Important – Refer to item 17 on our full terms & conditions)
  • Passes may be used at any time during the designated period.
  • Casual Half Day day care includes up to 5 hours. Daily rate apply after 5 hours.
  • All DogZone clients must abide by the terms & conditions of use.
  • Prices are reviewed annually on 1 July

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