DogZone Pet Supplies

DogZone stocks a range of quality products at affordable prices.

From premium dog foods to leashes/collars, great durable toys and lots of yummy treats there is always something to tempt your dog. Our staff can advise on the correct food, grooming products, toys or treats to suit your dog’s current age and situation.

  • Advance and Nutro dog food – comes in 3kg -15kg bags for your convenience, nutritionally balanced these come in puppy and adult. It is Australian made and owned.
  • Full range of collars, leashes, harnesses, bedding, toys and training equipment by Rogz Pet products. Including Grinz balls which are always fun for a photo opportunity.
  • Tasty bone chew toys are highly durable. Dogs love these!
  • Black Dog treats – we  stock a range of single and handy size packs of treats. Some of our most popular treats are the chicken skewers and the sweet potato and chicken wrap.
  • Tuffy products – great for new puppies when teething.
  • Dog Bless You – coats, jackets, hoodies and T-shirts. These are up dated seasonally and special costumes for festive occasions such as Christmas or Halloween.
  • DogZone Gift Certificate – available for any amount and can be used for products, day care or grooming

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