Addressing The Most Common Dog Problems

Common Dog Problems

Is your dog proving problematic in any way? Or are you thinking of adopting a puppy and want to know what you’re in for?

Below I will list the most common “dog problems” along with links to helpful information to help you resolve them. You can consider this page a good starting point for the many useful articles and guides on DogZone (worth bookmarking, don’t you think!)


Boredom is the most common cause of nuisance barking, try these solutions.

House Training

Help your dog to understand when and where to toilet.


Digging is a natural behaviour for dogs. They bury bones “for later”, hunt edibles by digging, and dig shallow holes in sand to lie in when it’s hot. Here’s how to help your dog and your garden.

Separation Anxiety

The symptoms of separation anxiety include barking/howling when left, destructive behaviour, inappropriate toileting and self-mutilation or chewing. There are steps you can take to minimise separation anxiety.

Dogs and Children

Children look, move, smell and act differently to adults and may unknowingly encroach on a dog’s space, move erratically, make strange noises or unintentionally hurt the dog. Problems can generally be prevented.

Come when Called

A long lead sets you and your dog up for success by teaching him that “come” is not optional.

Food Guarding

Teaching your dog the approach of a human is always a good thing.



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