How dogs keep us healthy!

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Need a reason to get another dog?

Here are 4 reasons why dogs can keep us healthy!

#1 Dogs keep us active!

We all know dogs need daily exercise, this for some of us it a great reason to get off the couch and give ourselves some exercise as well.

Going for a walk doesn’t just get the heart rate up, it gives us the necessary vitamin D we may be lacking.

Walking is also a great way to free our minds from the daily grind, and what better way to do so than with our dog?

#2 Dogs help us relieve stress and help us live longer!

No matter what type of day we’ve have had, having an excitable lick and cuddle from our dogs helps us forget about all the hassles of the day.

Studies have shown interacting with dogs can actually lower our anxiety and blood pressure, so it’s fact checked!

Having less stress in our lives helps us live longer and happier lives, and so does walking and playing with our dogs!

#3 Dogs help us meet people!

We all find it difficult to meet people, especially when we move to a new area.

Having a dog is one of the best ice breakers, and an instant conversation starter!

As dog owners it’s very easy to strike up a conversation with other dog owners in the local park, which is otherwise not possible (or at least very awkward) without a dog.

Having a dog helps us build a social network easily!

#4 Dogs help us recover from illness or injury

Did you know dogs have been used in hospitals and rehabilitation centres to help people recover from illness or injury?

The interaction between people and dogs helps us recuperate faster!

Research has shown this is especially the case for older patients, although it’s beneficial to all of us.

What better way to cheer ourselves up during those tough times than with our dogs?



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