Heroic pets!

In this quick-read I’ll cover the accounts of 5 heroic pets who have saved lives!

Sometimes our pets are the real heroes who understand nothing of bravery, just that something wrong needs to be put right. It is these heroes we celebrate now; feathery and furry pets that without training have instinctively acted to save the lives of their owners.

Doberman Pinscher saves his family from a King Brown Snake!

Khan, a Doberman Pinscher, alerted his family by growling when he saw a king brown snake, (one of the most venomous) under the house, in Australia.

17 month old Charlotte was happily playing close by, and despite Khans growling continued to play in the vicinity of the snake. Next, Khan did something legendary – he put himself between the snake and Charlotte and pushed her to one side.

The sudden movement startled the snake, which lunged at Khan and bit him.

Thankfully, after receiving veterinary treatment and antivenom, Khan made a full recovery.

Quaker Parrot saves a 2 year old from choking!

Quaker parrot Willie, a normally passive, quiet little bird, started screeching and screaming, completely out of character one day while his owner was in the bathroom.

Megan, Willie’s owner, was babysitting 2 year old Hannah, and was running her a bath whilst she played in the living room.

In between screaming, Willie was also repeating “mama baby” over and over. When Megan went to see what was wrong she found Hannah choking and blue in the face.

Megan performed the Heimlich maneuver on Hannah and saved her from choking to death, but it was Willie who was presented with the Red Cross Animal Lifesaver Award for alerting Megan to the emergency in the first place.

A regular house cat saves owner from gas!

Cathy was woken in the early hours by her cat Winnie meowing loudly, but when Cathy didn’t get up Winnie started a “screaming crazy type meow which couldn’t be ignored”.

When Cathy tried to get out of bed she felt ill and dizzy and couldn’t wake her husband or her son. She managed to phone the emergency services who later discovered that a gas powered water pump had started leaking odourless carbon monoxide into the house.

Had Winnie not raised the alarm, the family could have died in their beds.

German Shephard saves family home from fire!

Buddy the German Shepherd was sent for help when Ben’s workshop caught fire in 2010. Buddy ran through the woods to a nearby road, found a state trooper and led him back to the workshop where the fire had taken hold.

Fortunately, fire fighters were able to put out the fire before it spread to Ben’s home, and Buddy was presented with a silver-plated bowl from the Alaska State Troopers for his bravery.

Dog saves child from fox attack!

Shrek the dog showed no regard for his own safety when a fox who had already killed one of the family chickens, turned on 10 year old Maxim.

As the fox launched at Maxim, Shrek launched at the fox placing himself between the two.

Alexey, Maxim’s father came out and took his son to safety. Shrek managed to see off the fox, but not before suffering several bites to his head.

Do you know of other heroic pets? Maybe your pet is a hero?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!



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