DogZone Testimonials

At DogZone, we strive to give the best care and love to your pooches. But don’t just take it from us, here are some testimonials from our fans:

I cannot recommend David and Gina highly enough! My dog has benefitted greatly from the advice given by the guys at DogZone for many years, and it’s really helped enhance my dog’s socialisation skills and make my relationship so much better with my dog! If it wasn’t for Gina we would never had picked up on why our dog was suffering anxiety. Benji loves DogZone and we’ve enjoyed many happy years since.

Heather S and Benji

My Staffy Poppet and I live in a small apartment. She is a young, active dog and on my days off we walk for kilometres. At first we thought she was hyperactive but David’s advice showed us all we had to do was change our routine and make some adjustments around the house – thanks for the “boredom buster” tips! Poppet now loves being at home and is much more relax. She plays happily, and is ready for snoozes on the couch during the evenings which suits our lifestyle (and gives us time for Netflix!). The advice from Gina and David has helped her stay fit, happy, acclimatised to apartment life and well socialised with lots of human and dog friends. DogZone has reinvented our way of life!

Maryjane C and Poppet

I am delighted to provide this testimonial to DogZone. David, Gina and the team have helped me successfully train Floyd, who was a boisterous dog since we adopted him at 12 weeks old. The early connection with DogZone helped my provide Floyd with valuable socialisation skills (both with dogs and other humans), and how to tackle his personality in the dog park – dog park manners! Gina and her team are extremely knowledgeable about the many and varied aspects of the dog world; I cannot thank them enough for their guidance, love of Floyd, commitment to a high level of customer service and for always being there, when I needed their help. Thank you!

Jane D and Floyd

Hi my name is Max and I am 14 years old. When I was a pup, because my mum worked, I found I really didn’t like being home alone. 14 years later I am so much more relaxed and totally understand there’s no need to worry when mum’s not home. I can think of no other place I would rather be than with my mum and dad, and with the help of Gina I also learned to party in the park and not be afraid of other dogs. I’m a big DogZone fan!

Sylvia Falzon and Max

My girls Duffy and Murphy are the most precious things in the world to me and to know they’re happy and safe is hugely important. The team are friendly and approachable and the advice is wonderful – sometimes it only takes a few suggestions to change how we view our dogs for the better.

Jill C, Duffy and Murphy

More testimonials can be reviewed on request at DogZone.

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