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  • Why you must stay vigilant against parasites all year round!

    G’day fellow pet lovers! Awareness is your key weapon in combating parasites prevalent in our furry friends, especially given the recent weird weather we’ve seen across Australia. A warm, damp climate fosters the quick spread of parasites such as Toxocara roundworms that could potentially also infect us hoomans. Toxocara roundworm infection in humans is more…

  • Is Hydralyte Safe For Dogs?

    Is Hydralyte Safe For Dogs?

    Discover if Hydralyte, a popular oral rehydration solution, is safe for dogs. What are the potential risks and benefits of using Hydralyte to treat dehydration or sickness in dogs, and what do experts recommend for keeping your furry friend healthy and hydrated?

  • Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

    Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

    What must you know about hip dysplasia in dogs when buying a puppy, or if you think your dog is showing symptoms?