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  • Boredom Busters for Dogs

    Boredom Busters for Dogs

    Do you like your stuff? Boredom equals destruction with puppies, but thankfully there are many easy ways to tackle it. Here are some of the best boredom busters for dogs!

  • New Puppy: Quick Start Guide!

    New Puppy: Quick Start Guide!

    Stressed about getting a new puppy? Here’s a Puppy: Quick Start Guide to settle your nerve’s in under 10 minutes of reading.

  • Training a Dog: Obedience 101!

    Training a Dog: Obedience 101!

    You don’t know where to start with training your dog obedience? Don’t worry, these are the best skills to start with – for both you and your dog!

  • Puppy Training Essentials

    Part of: New Puppy: A Complete Guide to Puppy Training! Breeders expect puppies to act like puppies – to pee and poop everywhere and to chew whatever they find. Once a puppy is adopted into a family home, however, training ‘Human Home Etiquette’ will become your #1 priority. A good puppy class will emphasise social…

  • The Perfect Puppy

    The Perfect Puppy

    Where do you start with a new puppy? The answer is right here, in this guide to your first puppy!

  • Dog Problems: Food Guarding

    Part of: The Most Common Dog Problems. The idea of taking away food or toys as you please by using a gruff voice, smacking or other physical measures designed to suggest ‘dominance’ is not  good advice.  It may work for the head of the family, or even for other adults – but what about children?  What about…

  • Dog Problems: Come – Using a Long Lead

    Part of: The Most Common Dog Problems. The rewards the environment provides an off lead dog – scent trails and interactions with other dogs are often too great to be countered with a small food treat.  Long lines are recommended throughout the world as an intermediate step between on lead training and off-lead freedom.  A long…