Brighton Dog Friendly Beaches

Brighton dog friendly beaches

Staying in the Brighton area with your dog? Let’s take a look at the best Brighton dog friendly beaches:

Sandown St Beach

If you’re visiting the Brighton or the general Melbourne area with your dog then the best beach to visit is Sandown Street Beach.

It’s the perfect beach for dogs as the perimeter fence and quick-shut gates will keep your dog safe off leash. The calm and shallow water makes the beach safe for any dog to paddle, swim, or even learn to swim.

Best dog friendly beach in Brighton - Sandown St Dog Beach
Sandown Street Dog Beach, Brighton

The best thing about Sandown St Beach is it’s designated off-leash every day of the year by Bayside City Council, so you won’t need to worry about the confusing restrictions with the other dog friendly beaches in Brighton.

Sandown St Beach, situated south of Bay St and north of Sandown St, is very popular among local dog walkers for good reason. It’s a beautiful spot, safe, and full of friendly dog owners.

Sandown St - The Best of Brighton Dog Friendly Beaches
Best dog friendly beach in Melbourne – Sandown St Beach

The only downside of Sandown St Beach is finding a suitable place to park. There is free parking in the Sandown Street area but it is very limited.

Ticket parking is available as a more convenient option near Middle Brighton Baths, but will cost upwards of $5 including weekends and public holidays, 8am to 8pm.

Always check signage for parking.

Other Brighton Dog Friendly Beaches

Unlike Sandown St Beach, all other dog-friendly beaches in Brighton come with a set of restrictions based on time of year and time of day.

These restrictions can be confusing when you’re visiting the area with your dog, so please double-check signage on any beach you visit.

Middle Brighton Beach & Brighton Beach

South of Sandown St Beach you’ll find Middle Brighton Beach, and then a little further south Brighton Beach. Dendy St Beach is situated between the two which has different restrictions.

Seasonal dog restrictions for Middle Brighton Beach & Brighton Beach:

  • April to October – Your dog is permitted off leash at all times.
  • November to March (Summer months) – 10am to 7.30pm no dogs, and any other times your dog is permitted off leash.

Dendy Street Beach

Dendy Street Beach is convenient for Middle Brighton, just south of Brighton Beach Life Saving Club and near amenities and bathing boxes.

Seasonal dog restrictions for Dendy Street Beach:

  • April to October – Your dog is permitted off leash at all times.
  • November to March (Summer months) – Sunrise to 10am your dog may be off leash, 10am to 7.30pm no dogs, and 7.30pm to sunrise your dog must be on a leash.

What’s your favourite dog friendly beach in Brighton, or elsewhere in the Melbourne area, and why?

What tips would you give dog owners visiting Brighton? i.e. Great dog friendly parks, cafes, and activities?



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