Recommended Dog Trainers by City & State (Australia)

Australian Dog Trainers

Dog training can be a daunting prospect.

There are so many things to consider, and if you’re trying to go it alone you may not know where to start.

Your dog can easily be the most beautifully well trained animal you could imagine, but dog trainers and animal behaviourists are here to make sure the journey you take with your pet is a smooth and fulfilling one, and that you learn the right ways to get the most from your pet.

The purpose of this page is to help you find a reputable dog trainer or behaviorist no matter where you live in Australia.

Australian dog trainers by city & state

Australian dog trainers by city & state:

If you are an Australian dog trainer, please get in touch to add your dog training business to this directory.

Dog trainers in Melbourne & Victoria

Dog trainers in Melbourne

Victorian Dog Training Academy

Location: Melbourne, VIC Phone: 03 8685 8373

With qualified dog psychologists the Victorian Dog training academy provides affordable and effective in home dog training. Specialising in behavioural problems, puppy training and rescue dogs Victorian Dog Training Academy is passionate about working with owners to improve their relationship with their dogs.

Brydie Charlesworth Dog Training

Location: Albury, VIC Phone: 0416 632 588

Offering behaviour modification and puppy training in both one on one and small group settings Brydie Charlesworth Dog training in Albury’s dedicated staff specialise in rescue work and bite prevention.

In addition to this Brydie Charleworth Dog training also offer day care, dog boarding and online training options

In the Pink

Location: Taggerty, VIC Phone: 03 5774 7242

In The Pink uses the latest dog training research and positive reinforcement to provide fun friendly private obedience lessons and group classes. As well as weekly training classes dog grooming and behaviour therapy for dog’s mental health are also offered at their Taggerty, Victoria location.

Warrnambool Dog Training School Inc

Location: Taggerty, VIC Phone: 0407 504 784

A not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers Warrnambool Dog Training School offers behaviour classes with their experienced trainers as well as agility and jumping trials held throughout the year. They cater for all levels from beginners through to show standard.

Dog trainers in Sydney & New South Wales

Dog trainers in Sydney

Naughty Dog School

Location: Wollongong, NSW Phone: 02 4272 2662

Found in Wollongong, NSW Naughty Dog School specialise in all levels of behavioural difficulty from basic obedience training to severe problem dogs. Concentrating on socialising and anti aggression Naughty Dog School teaches owners to create their own happy social pets.

Learners on Lead

Location: Dubbo, NSW Phone: 02 6882 4606

Locally owned and run in Dubbo, NSW Learners on Lead’s experienced trainers create a relaxed and fun environment for dogs and their owners. Providing on premises facilities they offer puppy preschool agility and obedience classes as well as advanced scent detection training.

K9 Perfection

Location: Edgeworth (Newcastle), NSW Phone: 0413 758 601

Providing clear concise training in obedience, behaviour and anti aggression for dogs of all ages K9 Perfection is a forward thinking dog training and education centre in Edgeworth, NSW. They also provide follow up classes and mobile dog washing services.

Dog trainers in Adelaide & South Australia

Dog trainers in Adelaide

Advance Behavioural Training

Location: Wingfield, SA Phone: 0431 301 118

Mark Singer a former RAAF and Drug Detection dog trainer covers the Melbourne, Frankston and Mornington Peninsular areas of Victoria specializing in dog obedience training and behavior modification. Mark’s web page also provides a wealth of information for dog owners including Mark’s own dog training blog.

Canine Behavioural School

Location: Adelaide, SA Phone: 0481 395 337

Canine Behavioural School Inc is a not for profit dog training school run entirely by volunteers at Trinity Gardens in South Australia. They aim to provide practical, everyday training to help dogs and their owners get the most out of their relationship.

Dog trainers in Perth & Western Australia

Dog trainers in Perth

Allbreeds Dog Training

Location: Perth, WA Phone: 0418 943 924

All Breeds Dog Training and K9 Bootcamp in Perth, Western Australia provides both in home dog training and a 10 day on premises training program for dogs and puppies. In addition to dog training All Breeds has a vacation boarding facility available.

Dogs West

Location: Southern River, WA Phone: 0434 533 981

Dogs West is an association in Southern River south of Perth, Western Australia, and they provide training at their grounds. In addition, Dogs West is a useful resource for Western Australian breeders and local activities.

Kathy’s Dog Training

Location: Morley, WA Phone: (08) 9345 5277

Kathy’s dog training in Western Australia provides dog training and dog communication seminars as well as offering the chance to be part of Kathy’s online mentor program giving you the chance to learn how to handle and communicate with your dog in your own home.

Kathy is a certified dog behaviour consultant in the Perth area.

Dog trainers in Brisbane & Queensland

Dog trainers in Brisbane

Positive Response Dog Training

Location: Cleveland, QLD Phone: 07 3459 2121

From Cleveland, QLD Positive Response Dog Training provides a wide range of options for both puppies and adult dogs focusing on behaviour. With nationally accredited trainers Positive Response Dog Training offers classes in several Queensland locations.

Animal Education

Location: Gympie, QLD Phone: 07 5483 5393

In Gympie, QLD Animal Education uses both old and new training methods based on animal psychology to gently deal with animal behaviour problems. Offering private lessons and boarding for dogs Animal Education also work with horses and other animals.

Teamwork Dog Obedience

Location: Caboolture, QLD Phone: 07 3410 7026

Working with owners to achieve stable and social pets Teamwork Dog Obedience have knowledgeable and experienced trainers who can work through any behavioural issues with your dog. With several Queensland locations they offer training for both puppies and adult dogs.

Dog trainers in Darwin & Northern Territory

Dog trainers in Darwin

Fred’s Pass Positive Dog Training Club

Location: Palmerston, NT Phone: 0417 773 095

Fred’s Pass Positive Training Club based in the Northern Territory promotes responsible dog ownership by providing positive rewards based education and training. Affiliated with the North Australian Canine Association Inc they provide agility training and host agility trials throughout the year as well as providing beginners and advanced behavior training.

Darwin Obedience Dog Club

Location: Winnellie, NT Phone: 0427 321 426

Darwin Obedience Dog Club’s experienced and friendly instructors specialize in helping owners to train their own dogs to be their best friends while maintaining a clear picture of ‘who’s the boss’. Located in Winnellie the clubs runs regular agility trials and training as well as obedience training classes for members.

Canines by Katja

Location: Katherine, NT Phone: 0450 453 404

Canines By Katja operates in the Darwin, Katherine and Kununurra areas with certified dog psychologist Katja providing one on one and small group dog training and behavior modification. Canines By Katja specializes in the training of problem dogs.

Why use a dog trainer?

Care about your dog, your furniture and your sanity?

If you have a dog, you have only three choices – live unhappily with a dog with behavior problems, get rid of the dog, or train the dog. Training your dog will give you an awesome companion.

All dogs, whether puppies or adults, can be trained. Train your dog well, and he/she will become a pure pleasure to have and own.

Dog training teaches your animal how to behave.

Dogs want you to be happy with them, and if they are well trained it increases the bond between the two of you and your family. It takes time and effort to train your dog. Find a good dog trainer, join in on the fun, and learn how to be the best dog owner you can be.

You are the best trainer for your dog, but most of us need a little professional help from people who have experience with countless dogs.

You spend the most time with your dog, and they love you in return. Your dog has watched your every movement and knows what you are going to do in a situation. Read the signs in your dog; he too knows what he will do in a situation. Learn to communicate with your pet so he does what you want. That’s where a trainer comes into play.

Dogs are influenced by three different elements. One is genetics; two is the environment, and three is you, the owner. Trainers cannot change genetics, but they can change and influence the environment and you. Trainers can teach you and train your dog how to behave in certain situations.

Finding a good dog trainer includes a couple of things:

  • Firstly, they must be knowledgeable and give you a model of what to do and how to do it.
  • Secondly, they must be able to establish a “bond” with both your dog and yourself.

If you have clashing personalities, your dog will pick up on it and will not behave for the trainer.

Your trainer should be patient with both you and the dog. Watch what your trainer does with your dog and copy the same movements. Do it while the trainer is watching.

Ask for advice, tips and tricks.

After all, this dog should quickly become a part of your life; your best friend and the protector of your home and family. Learn your lessons well, and you will have a very nice dog.

Can you recommend a dog trainer in your area? Please say so in the comments section below.



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