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When my first puppy urinated on the shoes of a lady in the park, I thought to myself I should probably train my dog.

I expect my dog wasn’t the first to mark his territory on her shoes. He rarely urinated anywhere another dog hadn’t. Or perhaps it was her floral dress which prompted him to do so?

Thankfully she didn’t notice, and of course I didn’t say anything. But I quietly felt guilty and wished it never happened.

One thing which did bother me, though, was when he urinated on my cousin’s pot plants, in her home, and then ate her lasagna off the kitchen bench.

No matter what dog you own, or plan to adopt, training them effectively will make them the best version of themselves. Also, for you, they’ll be your best companion. You don’t want a naughty dog, do you?

I’ve spent decades training dogs in and around Melbourne, particularly the norther suburbs, and my colleague and co-writer Gina has a wealth of experience in canine psychology and behaviour. She’s an absolute pro.

Together we are DogZone, and the purpose of this website is to help you – for free – to get the most from your dog!

All we ask, is if any of the articles, guides, or how-tos on this website help you: Please help us by sharing a link to this website. The essential training guides below are a great place to start (and our main focus of efforts).



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